About Us

System Radio is a UK based Radio Station located in Trafford Park Manchester, situated just around the corner from Media City UK

Ant James (Station Owner) started his career in radio back in around 2008 when he applied for his first ever radio show at a local hospital. Simon Redshaw (Technology Manager) was always there to give Ant a hand with basic computer skills, as he seemed to lack the whole technology thing even back then, hospital Radio was great fun, although it wasn’t to last very long… you can come to your own conclusions to why this was.

After hospital radio he was soon to here of a big named presenter in Manchester by the name of James Stannage who had just recently left a big radio station in the region after an incredible 30 years of broadcasting. James started Manchester’s first Online Radio Station… Well we say he did but actually the man behind this creation was David Foran who formed and owned Manchester Radio Online.

Ant sent a demo over to Dave and surprisingly Dave called back, well that was that. Ant was now part of Manchester’s first Online Radio Station presenting afternoon shows and even drive time shows. Going on to be great friends with Dave & James Stannage over the years. Strangely James & Ant actually sound very alike. Sometimes a bit to alike… Again you can make your own assumptions to this!

After Manchester Radio Online Ant approached Simon with the idea of designing and building a radio station using the skills he had acquired from Manchester Radio Online, Simon was quick to jump on board the idea. So using his IT Skills he quickly got the ball rolling, researching play-out and compression software, and building our first broadcast computer from old parts using what he could, where he could!

System Radio continued to grow and eventually moved into office’s located in Trafford Park Manchester. We are now waiting for our studio’s to be built which will consist of one main on air live studio, One live room, one production studio with pro tools, patch bay’s and multi-track recording facilities available.